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Searching the Web and Hoax info

Interesting links: Loeb Family Tree  ||  Amherst Survival Center - History, architecture and more
Elm Street Economy - Pathway to Sustainability  ||  Oriole Farb Feshbach, Artist

Search Engines

Directories of Search Engines

  • iTools, Web searches, links to useful categories
    Google Groups.
    Note Google supports the 'X-No-archive: yes' header, and will not archive any articles that contain this text either in the header or in the first line of the message body. 
Search Hints
  • Searches are not sensitive to capitalization. Punctuation is ignored.
  • word1 word2 - Matches documents containing word1 and/or word2 
  • word - Matches docs containing the word exactly
  • "word1 word2" - Matches docs with the exact phrase
  • word1 +word2 - Matches docs with word1 and word2 
  • word1 -word2 - Matches docs with word1, not word2
  • word1 url:word2 - Matches documents with word1, but only when their URLs start with word2 

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