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International Accent Marks and Diacriticals 

Adding International Keyboard
(Applies to other language keyboards also)


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language keyboard
These instructions are for Windows XP.

This process can be repeated for each of the languages you use. In this example, the International English keyboard is added.

Use start and settings to go to the control panel.

Choose Regional and Language Options.
language keyboard Click the Languages tab.
language keyboard Click Details.
language keyboard Click Add.

Notice that here only US is listed under the Keyboard category.
language keyboard In the Input language box select English (United States).

Check the Keyboard layout/IME box.

You could choose many other languages here and in step 6.
language keyboard Click the drop-down arrow to open the list of layout choices.

Near the bottom, choose  United States-International.

The screen will now look as it did in step 5 above. Click OK.

language keyboard Notice that now both United States-International and US are listed under the Keyboard category.

You can select a default language to  use when you start your computer.

The Language Bar lets you put an icon on the desktop to easily change between your input languages.

The Key Settings lets you choose shortcuts for switching between input languages.

The change is not made until you click on Apply. So be sure to do that before clicking OK.

This process can be repeated for each of the languages you use.