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International Accent Marks
and Diacriticals

for MAC, iPod, Blackberry

Click here for 2016 article on Using Caps Locks in macOS Sierra to switch between keyboards that use different characters (Sep 30, 2016).

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Mac (Some Mac keyboards now have an alt key instead of the option key.
Note that I do not have a Mac computer so please help me stay updated.)
acute , , , , Option + e, the letter
grave ,, , , Option + `, the letter 
tilde* Option + n or N
circumflex , , , , Option + i, the letter 
umlaut , , , , , Option + u, the letter
cedilla* Option + c or C
ligature oe = Option + q = Option +
= Option + s = Option + ?  = Option + 1
= Option + 6 ™ = Option + 2 = Option + G
€ = Shift+ Option+2 = Option + 3 ≥ = Option + >
= Option + Y = Option + 4 ≤ = Option + <
≈ = Option + x = Option + 0 (zero) = Option + o
= shift+Option + = ∞ = Option + 5  

*NOTE: for uppercase, such as , type option +n, then shift + n.

Related Mac info can be found at:
Indiana Univ. Adobe has an extensive chart.
Erogonis: A drop-down sheet, with all of a current font's characters, displays when you click icons in the menu bar (Mac + Windows).
Typing Special Characters
: Gary Rosenzweig's video on the Keyboard Viewer showing how to easily use them in documents.



iPhone/iPod/iPad touchscreen keyboard

Touch and hold one of these keys (a e i o u c l n s y z ? ! . $ & % 0), for a moment or two, to reveal a list of special characters. Select by sliding your finger over.

To change or add language keyboards, press Settings, then General. Scroll down and select International, then Keyboards where numerous languages are available by scrolling down. More at this Apple site.

*Tap the space bar twice to add a period and capitalize the next word.

*To enter a number or symbol quickly, touch and hold, then select the key you want. Lifting your finger returns you to the alphabet keyboard.



The following works on a Curve model and should work for Emails, PIN, or BlackBerry Messenger messages (probably not for SMS text messages).

• To type an accented or special character, hold the letter key and roll the trackball to the left or right. For example, to type , hold U and roll the trackball to the left until appears. Release the letter key when the accented or special character appears.

• To switch input languages, on the Language screen, verify that the Use Input Language Shortcut field is set to Yes. Hold the Alt key and press the Enter key. Continue to hold the Alt key and highlight a language. Release the Alt key.

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