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International Accent Marks and Diacriticals 



USA, central time.
The idea for KeyBoard Help began in the mid-1990's at the resource center I headed. I noticed that, even with improving software, computer users tended to print their documents and then write the accent marks with a pen.

Thus I looked into various methods, made charts to post on monitors, gave workshops, wrote an article, presented the results at conferences, and posted the conference handouts on the web. Now I gradually add to and update the content as operating systems and software change. A recent addition is a site with my favorite general computing tips.

It seems worthwhile as 1500 to 3500 pages are requested in a day (more weekdays; fewer weekends, holidays, and summer). On Jan 14th, 2007, was recommended as "cool" on a somewhat quirky site - leading to 53,000+ requested pages the next day, and somewhat higher usage ever since.
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