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 Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips

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Key(s) or Misc

If more than one key, press & hold the first, then press the next key.

Where/When Result/Comments
Reader View Firefox browser, perhaps others Click here for details.
Win Logo +P
Add a second monitor (shortcut)
Press the Windows logo key +P on your keyboard. Select Extend from a few choices.
Email to text
Use email to send text messages or SMS to a cell phone. has details and many other carriers listed.
Shift + Enter Web editors (Wordpress, Drupal, Dreamweaver, etc)

Enter normally does a new paragraph which may appear as double or even triple spacing.
Shift + Enter does a line break. Doing it twice puts a space between paragraphs. A disadvantage of this is that one can't have a bulleted or numbered list with line breaks.

F11 Some web browsers Browser window expands to full-screen mode so more of a web page can be seen. Undo by pressing F11 key again.
Ctrl + Enter Some web browsers When a web address or URL ends in .com, type the domain name and then press Ctrl & Enter. Saves lots of typing. Example: type domainname followed by pressing Ctrl & Enter, instead of typing http://www. .
Ctrl + the key with ~ (tilde) Excel If your spreadsheet has equations in it, this shows where they are and what they are. Can be printed for reference. Undo by pressing Ctrl tilde again.
B or W Power Point Fades the screen to Black or White. Useful when a presentation digresses temporarily or if only part of a presentation needs slides; also works for timed slides. Undo by pressing the B or W again.
Windows key + Up Arrow Windows Maximizes a window. Undo with Windows key and Down Arrow.

Windows logo keys (near Alt keys) + D key

Windows logo keys
+ E, R, F, or Break keys


hiDes all windows and shows the desktop. Repeat to reopen everything.

Results are quick access to Explorer, Run dialog box, Find files, or system properties dialog box.

Right click highlighted files and/or folders, then select send to/mail recipient.

**Click here to see picture below.

**File names to text.
An email message opens with a text list of file and/or folder names, and also puts the text in the subject line. One can copy and paste these. Remember to delete the message without sending it. If the files include images, you may have to answer a question about size before the email message opens.
Resulting text: templates, Arles.exe, ijl15.dll, Readme.rtf, unins000.exe, masks


(or Alt  + Shift)


Changes a vertical block of text. Place cursor to upper left of area to be changed. Press and hold Alt key (& Shift key if needed). Then move cursor along desired block. Release the Alt key and do a deletion, uppercase letters (shift+F3 key), bold, highlight, etc. This is most useful when parts of many rows need to be changed. Examples:
Removing the > symbols:
From   to

Changing to uppercase (shift+F3 key) or highlight:
From        to  or

Ctrl + Backspace
Ctrl + Delete


Deletes the word to the left of the cursor.
Deletes the word to the right of the cursor.

Highlight, then press Ctrl & drag mouse Most Applications Copies highlighted text to new location; within a document, or between two windows, or from a web site into the Google search box, etc.
Clean up html code Dreamweaver Use the Clean Up HTML or Word HTML command to automatically remove empty tags, combine nested font tags, and generally improve messy or unreadable HTML code.
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